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Twenty years ago, I began a Network Marketing business with Arbonne International, today a 43 year old company – important for a company to have made it longer than 5 years! I am a publisher and hadn’t ever been involved in Network Marketing though I understood the power of word-of-mouth advertising for the consumer and the company. People then and now appreciate getting product recommendations and companies appreciate strong referrals and work hard to keep a good reputation.  Arbonne’s reputation was strong as a purveyor of PURE SAFE and BENEFICIAL skincare, personal care and nutrition. Non-GMO, no gluten, no fragrances, etc., and a 90-day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.  

To start a business with Arbonne was less than $100 with significant discounts on products. I jumped in and began to contact friends to tell them about my new find – yes what you put on your body mattered.  WHO KNEW? Toxins in products weren’t really vetted or regulated! I was on a mission to at least alert people though weekly presentations at the cottage (you see here). My discoveries improved my health and I fed my soul helping others do the same.

People began to join with me. Together each of us blended Arbonne into busy lives. It began by telling others about PURE SAFE and BENEFICIAL products and then we got “thank you” checks from Arbonne. You can meet some of those people under TEAM here on the website. One of the most important aspects of Arbonne is the high caliber of community and fellowship we enjoy working together.

You will also find at thewebcottage.com:   

  • The weekly Web Cottage presentations focus on: 1) Toxin Awareness, 2) Nutritional Support and Intermittent Fasting, 3) GUT health, and 4) Skincare you can trust for fun and beauty.
  • You are welcomed to answer the health questionnaire and review the presentations, the product recommendations and the all important “WHY” for each.  
  • There are recipes to help you shift your body’s energy engines back and forth from glucose to fat and spark your own kitchen creativity while you reclaim and restore your health.   

Visit and enjoy thewebcottage and if you are ever in Brownsboro, Kentucky you are welcome to join us as we talk every week about transforming lives as well as our own. Join with us and let’s grow together.

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