Tell Us About You!

Tell me what you like best so that I can make the very best presentation of Arbonne for you. Please fill out this easy online form and email it back to me at Then as a thank you, I’d like to send you a sample of our delicious protein, rich skincare, or BOTH!

About Us:

In 2004, Kelley Frances Carpenter and I each began an Arbonne business built on a lot of hope but not much experience with Network Marketing.  Instinctively we quickly got into activity and invited people to weekly meetings held at our Kentucky home, Halls Hill Farm, in the 900-square foot guest cottage.  Our teams grew quickly and those regular weekly meetings allowed us to introduce friends and prospects to pure, safe, beneficial products and the exciting affordable business opportunity for distributing those products locally and globally.  We also trained our growing team via training modules put our team website.  The web page was called “The Web Cottage” where we met virtually instead of physically.  Over the years our businesses grew and we changed the website to, but today with so many teams accessing the Ray Nation web page we are going back to the original webpage –

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